WOW! Look at what we’re doing!

Check out some of the fantastic jobs JB Paint & Wallpaper is doing!  Hard work and precision really pay off. Call today for a quote on your remodel for the Spring season. J&B uses flawless techniques to to make sure you’re satisfied with the job.   J&B is comfortable with any size of room or job you may be needing in your home or work space.  Removing wallpaper is a speciality of J&B and it […]

Times are Changing

And so is your style.  Removing your old wallpaper has probably been on your mind for years and now is the time to do it! J&B Paint and Wallpaper is known for their professional and pristine wallpaper removal.  Once your wallpaper is removed, have J&B Paint and Wallpaper’s experienced painters go over your newly stripped room in whichever color and technique you prefer. Turn your space into a new serene and relaxing area with the […]

Having the Itch to Remodel?

Now that the cold winter is upon us and you’re staying in-doors more often, you may be noticing changes you would like to make in your home.  Is that old wallpaper finally getting to you? Are those cracks in the paint becoming more noticeable?  J&B Paint and Wallpaper can give your rooms a whole new look just in time for Spring! Call for a consultation and experience flawless work done at an affordable price.  J&B […]

Wallpaper Removal & Repair

Our name says it all… J&B Paint & Wallpaper, and when it comes to wallpaper, we’re your one stop shop for any and all wallpaper problems. Wallpaper removal can be a tricky, messy business, especially when it comes to wallpaper that’s on-top of older wallpaper. That’s why so many Chicago-area homeowners and businesses turn-to J&B Paint & Wallpaper to solve their “wallpaper disasters.” At the end of the day, removing wallpaper is all about getting back […]