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J&B Paint & Wallpaper takes the time to ensure that your job is done right. You need a paint company that will help you put your best wall forward! Deciding to repaint the interior or exterior of your home or business could mean higher, better turnovers. You can increase your property value by roughly $5,000 when it’s time to resale, according to Time, by using popular colors in focal areas. Whether you desire a mood setting coat for entertaining family and friends, need to repair damaged walls from accidents or water damage, or looking to attract buyer attention, J&B Paint & Wallpaper will perform the highest quality of office and home remodeling around. Find-out how affordable it is to breathe new life into your residential or commercial property. To make it easier to get started, be sure to check out our special discount coupon.



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Interior Painting


Business owners have a duty to uphold to the public, to employees, and to loyal customers. This is often expressed in the way in which commercial grounds are kept. Don’t allow your interior walls to bore customers or even turn them off! Give your employees an environment they will love to come to every day with rich colors and an inviting atmosphere. 


House painting is an important skill as our contractors work harmoniously with homeowners to design and recreate a room. We discuss color combinations and color coordination to bring your paint ideas to life. Let us handle your walls, ceilings, six panel doors and jambs, french doors, faux finishes, chair rails, crown moldings, baseboards, trim work, staircases, brick chimneys, mantels, kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, offices, family rooms, living rooms, basements, cabinet refinishing, and much more.

Exterior Painting


With just as much enthusiasm, cleanliness, and added safety measures as we take on interior jobs, your exterior commercial face can morph into an unforgettable landmark. On the other hand, if you get this wrong, it can be an eyesore that reflects negatively on your business. Hire the painting pros for apartments, condominiums, hotels, office buildings, etc. to discover how a small investment can have a major return for years to come.


You know about curb appeal and moreover, you know how one fresh paint job can turn that old house into a home. Exterior painters in Darien and surrounding cities have transformed many of your neighbors’ homes into palaces and it’s time for you to live like royalty! Call J&B Paint & Wallpaper today to see how effective exterior home painting services can be on the overall look and feel of your house.

We are skilled in the areas of: cedar siding, aluminum siding, windows, soffits, dental work, latticework, front doors, sidelights, garage doors, and exterior trim. We also offer power washing and staining surfaces.


Wallpaper and Removal

We specialize in removing wallpaper and restoring your walls to their original condition. No job is too big or too small. We also hang wallpaper! Sometimes it’s easier to go with a wallpaper finish instead of repainting. Maybe you enjoy a new environment more often than most, or maybe you just fell in love with a design or pattern of your choosing and want your walls to be perfect. No matter why you choose wallpaper or choose to remove it, we will do so and leave no messes behind.


Drywall repair technicians and painters in Chicago suburbs must be well-rounded. You don’t want to get stuck with two bills in hiring two contractors. You can get both drywall and paint services right here with J&B Paint & Wallpaper. Whether you’re looking to finish your basement or repair drywall, we have suburban Chicago covered. We also specialize in skim coating your existing walls for a new construction look!

Water Damage

Accidents continue to happen in homes and offices all over the western suburbs. Water can ruin floors, walls and all the hard work of the upkeep you put into it. Floods in our area can happen at any time and it’s important to have any damage cleaned up before mold takes over. Give us a call today so that we can prevent further damage to your home and get your life back to normal!